Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Christmas!!

Having Zeraea's first Christmas was amazing! She ripped right into the presents, then wanted to play with the presents till she saw another present to rip open. She even helped her Grandma open up a big present. She also tried to eat lots of paper haha. She loved her new blocks and balls, teddy bear and interactive dog (she keeps kissing them), her play house with a tunnel (she will actually go down the tunnel, I didn't thinks he would yet!). I loved seeing her have fun, she just loved it so much! She has been itching to get into those presents the past week haha. I love my baby girl so much! She is growing up too fast!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Park Play-date!

Zeraea and I headed over to St. Pete today and meet up with some other Moms and their children. There were like 7 of them running around, it was adorable! The ladies were great, I enjoyed being there, even if it was a bit chilly at first ;) Zeraea had a good time though, she loved looking around at everything and watching the kids run around! She loved the swing, it was her first time, she was all smiles! :) I love my baby girly!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mommy's X-mas Helper!

Tonight as I was wrapping a couple of last minute gifts, Zeraea decides she wants to help me. It was cute! She grabbed the wrapping paper and began slapping it, moving it, roughing it all up, then tried to eat it. Then when I wrapped the present up she decides to climb on it and rip the bow I had just placed on there right off, over and over again! haha. It was adorable watching her play with those bows! She couldn't figure out why they were sticking to her hand! I then just took the wrapped gifts and put them under the tree, and little one crawls after me and meets me there and begins to start ripping off all the bows on all the other presents as well, one by one hahaha!! I guess she is excited!! :) :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sick Baby?

I don't know if Zeraea is getting sick or not, I feel dumb. I should know something like that, right? Last night she was up about every 10 minutes just whining, almost like she didn't feel good. I took her temperature and it was 99.6, a little high for her. I checked again later on and it was 99.2, then this morning it was back to her normal 98.3. So I'm not worried about a fever, but I just FEEL like there is something wrong with her, she wants constant cuddles (which I don't mind), but she is so darn grumpy! She cries at anything and everything, it's so sad to watch. I feel so helpless and am not sure what to do. I am thinking it is her teeth since they have been bothering her for a couple of weeks, but never this bad. Kevin thinks she isn't feeling good either, just from her mood. Times like this makes me feel like a bad mom. I want to be able to help her or to know that she needs help. She is finally taking a nap, and hopefully she will take a good one cause she needs it, and maybe in return it will make her mood a bit better!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Zeraea's Scrapboook In Progress!

1 month
2 months

2 months
3 months
3 months
Trip to Arizona July 2010- 3 months old
My Z-buggies Scrapbook is finally back in progress! It's hard to find time to do it but I am so glad I am. I love looking through all the old photos and seeing how much she has changed, it is a blessing. She has grown so much and has learned so much in the 8 months she has been alive, it is crazy! I love my little buggy so much! :)

Now 8 months!

Haven't been on lately, wanting to start this back up. I have just been so busy, seems like the more she moves around the busier I am haha. So update on Zeraea, she is now 8 months old as of the 16th. She is pulling up on EVERYTHING, the couch, the entertainment center, the coffee and end table, etc. She is sitting up all by herself, and now using her arm to do so. She will walk if she holds your fingers. She is in 12month clothing, she is getting BIG!! I printed off pictures for her scrapbook yesterday, and when I was looking through them, I found myself glancing at her and just realizing over again how much she has grown and changes everyday! She is curious about everything too, she hears a noise and she has to look around and figure out where it came from. She says Mama and Dada. She is now starting to dance! (she loves to dance!). She will now grab the doggies toy when the dog is playing with it and they will play with one another, it is quite adorable!

Today I caught her by the X-mas tree holding a present, she is ready already! ALMOST! I am getting SO excited for her First Christmas, she has been wearing a pink Santa hat that says "My First Christmas" on it till Christmas :) She looks adorable in it and loves to take it off! I love my baby girl soooo much!