Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It sure has been awhile!

Been bust lately, starting to miss blogging! Hopefully this post will open up my writing and memories enough for me to scribble down a few for you all : )

I will be writing more detailed things later, just a quick update. Zeraea started walking, turned a year old, is learning sign language, getting into EVERYTHING haha. She is too curious for her own good, actually as I type she is digging into the tissue box and pulling out all of the tissues then walking around with it...never gets old watching the things she does. Kevin and I made an offer on our first house, it was accepted and now the closing date is only about 9 days away, we will be moving to Holiday, FL. Zeraea will FINALLY have her own room which will hopefully mean more sleep for mommy. Oh yea, she still doesn't sleep through the night, waking up at least 3x and that is on a great night! For three days now she has stopped her nightly feedings, so maybe that is a sign she will start sleeping through the night : D Can you tell I am excited?!? I really really really want her to start sleeping through the night, after a year of no more than 4 hours a night, I am exhausted!! She has such an amazing personality, it grows and grows everyday. Kevin and her have gotten closer also, she reaches out for him, kisses and hugs him, says "dada", I love watching them together, my heart completely melts into a puddle of nothingness. She doesn't talk much :( but she is now learning sign lanuage pretty fast, just started it with her and she already knows "more", "banana", and "all done". I love watching her do it and know that as a mother, I taught her that :)

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