Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Proofing Time!

First I want to start off and apologize, I haven't done my blog in awhile. Got too exhausted with everything. Zeraea still isn't sleeping longer than 2 hours at a time and sometimes even less than that. I wish I could help her sleep better, in return I would too. It seems like she is ready to go down to 2 naps a day, which sucks all of my "Mommy Time" away lol. Guess it is all apart of her growing up! :)

Zeraea is going to be 7 months in 7 days, which is still so hard to believe. Tonight when I got done feeding her, I just held her and listened to her breathing. Something about it was so calming, the fact that I gave her that breath, that I made something so beautiful and so special. As I watch her during the day crawl all over the place, and exploring everything, I can't help but smile at the amazement in her eyes as they slowly get bigger as she reaches out to grasp something in her tiny hands.

Today we had an incident, she got a hold of our Yorkie puppy's poop. I wasn't fast enough to get to her before she grasped it in her hands. Talk about GROSS! haha. Luckily it was kind-of dry and it didn't mush in her hands! After a quick clean up the moment was over. I am so glad she didn't put it in her mouth, so gross. Our dog, Missy was right next to her, smelling it like she wanted her to do it or something. I had to dart across the room so fast! I couldn't help but laugh after the fact though.

We went on a 25 minute walk today after her nap, seemed to chill her out a bit. She was still moody and tired. She is always so quiet on walks, just looking around at everything, and watches as each car drives by. The weather was great here in Tampa today. Nice and cool with a breeze. It was nice just to step out and take a huge inhale of fresh cool air. It felt great to me, but she had to be dressed in her new winter outfit and had her fleece blanket over her little legs. I love going on a walk with her, without Missy. Whenever I go on a walk with her AND Missy, it's far from relaxing. Missy is pulling in all sorts of directions and trying to get into peoples yards, or catches a glimpse of a squirrel and wants it, it would be cute if I didn't have to push a stroller too. Sometimes it is worth it though when Zeraea sees the puppy get out in front of the stroller, she lets out a tiny laugh as she watches her favorite thing walk ahead. Her and Missy are so cute together, she definitely loves her "Pup Pup". :)

I got a lot of chores done today, I feel like I sweep and mop my living-room, bedroom, and kitchen floors like 3-4x a week to make sure they are clean so she can crawl around without getting filthy. I know it is time to clean the floors when I pick her up and there is dirt and dust on her outfit haha. I don't know how these floors get so gross so fast, but it is hard keeping up. Last night I baby proofed the living-room, got everything off of the lower shelves, she now owns anything within reach. I watched today as she realized all her stuff that was on the lower shelf of our bookcase. She laid there and pulled each of her books off one by one and then played with them. It was cute. I feel better now that there is really nothing to harm her anymore and that there isn't something that she can get into and hurt herself with. All the plug ins are now covered, now no tiny fingers can make their curious way into them!

All and all, things are great. I love my Zeraea.

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