Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Nice Being Her and I...

Since Kevin got a job, it's mostly just her and I all the time. I have to say, it is pretty nice having this adorable little girl all to my self to hug and kiss all day long! Zeraea and I played outside for awhile. It felt great outside, the sky was nice and clear. She seemed to love to pull up the grass (Grandpa doesn't know there is now a tiny bare spot in his lawn...shhhh!) After playing in the grass a bit, I put Zeraea in the back of the truck and see what she did. She instantly found leaves and began playing with them. She learned that she could break them into pieces :) Zeraea is so curious, I love it!

We then went inside and she had some yummy sweet potatoes for Lunch! She ate them right up, and got it ALL over the place!!! I don't mind mess at all, let them have fun..it all cleans up! She hates clean up time though, when I start wiping her hands and face she starts wiggling and whining lol, she hates it! When I put her on the ground after cleaning her up, she ended up reaching the doggies bowl (luckily nothing was in it!) But of course, I had to run into the next room and grab the camera! :)

After a quick 30 minute nap, I got her ready for our appointment with the Realtor at 5pm, got in the car and drove to St. Pete and looked at a house for rent there. I have to admit, I am getting REALLY excited and impatient when it comes to finding our own place! Waaaaaay overdue!

Now night has come, Zeraea got her bath and her tummy full and she went to bed at her new bedtime (8pm), and currently is still sleeping which is great (9:33pm). After some clean up, Mommy will hopefully join her in sleep land (that is if she doesn't wake up when I get in there like usual!) I LOVE my baby girl!  :)

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  1. Cute baby fat...reminds me of my nephew in AZ. Zeraea is cute.

    God bless.

    Dr. Kingpin;)