Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Friday, July 23, 2010

First Giggle! ~7/14/2010~

The first time she giggled was with her daddy, Kevin. I was in the shower. I hurried up and got dressed to hear it but I was too late. He was standing in the family room with her in her bouncer, spinning her. SHE LAUGHED!! It was such a happy laugh! So cute and high pitched with a huge ear to ear smile on her face! Kevin's face mimicked hers perfectly. He did it over and over just to hear it! It's definitely a noise we will never grow tired of hearing! A few minutes I tried the same thing, Kevin told me what he was doing. I tried it and failed haha. :( Oh well! At least I got to hear it! Now she is giggling more and more and more!

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