Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Friday, July 23, 2010

First Vacation to Meet Great Grandparents! ~5/14/2010~

Kevin and I were worried about how a one month old would do in a car for 8+ hours. The drive up, we stopped many times. I'd change her, than I'd breastfeed. It was interesting breastfeeding in our car (glad our windows are dark tented lol). I had her propped up on one knew with one arm, and the other arm was guiding the boob into her mouth and holding it there. She did really great, better than we anticipated I think. Driving seemed to sooth her back to sleep most of the time. On the way to Pensacola, Fl to see Kevin's grandparents his fathers truck broke down. We ended up eating breakfast. Also being our first time in a restaurant with her. Kevin and I were worried about germs and the noise, like I am sure most first time parents are! But all said and done we got there. Unpacked the car, and got Zeraea inside to meet her great-grandparents! They adored her! Seeing the big smile on grandmas face made the long trip worth it. Grandpa was quite fond of her also. We had the family together! Aunt Amanda, cousins Alexis and Dylan. Grandma and Grandpa, Great-grandma and Grandpa. Aunt Sonia and then Zeraea, me and Kevin. It was nice being there. Ever since the first time I was there (2009), I loved it. It was nice and green, spacious yet everything was close. Having Zeraea outside was nice also, it wasn't too bring then. Overcast the whole time made it easier to have her outside. She seemed to enjoy walking around with me, just looking at all the green trees and beautiful flowers. I loved holding her, just talking to her as I swang on their swing in the back yard. Kevin and I took a small walk with her around the back yard. It was nice to have a break from busy life in Tampa! Can't stand it there. Anyway. Being around family was very nice. Kevin's mom gave us a scare though when we first got there. She was taken to the hospital, she was dehydrated. But the next day she was MUCH better! I thought it was funny giving Zeraea a sponge bath on the hardwood floor with her on her diaper mat. She didn't seem to mind it at all! She gave us loooong nights when we were there. I remember staying up with her crying as I played solitaire with one hand and rocked her with the other. She was just moody. She got better though and slept okay. Kevin and I loved the bed, it was like a King and here at home we have this small ass Full. Horrible!

Way back home, we left earlier so that Kevin could rest some before returning to school the next day. The drive went a lot faster. We only stopped when she needed us too, instead of stopping every hundred miles or so. I got some sleep sitting in the back, but mostly I stayed up talking to Kevin and holding his hand the whole time. The few times I'd drift off, I'd wake up, check her. Than watch kevin as I drifted back off to sleep. It was a nice trip! Overall relaxing.

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