Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Einstein Around The World Discovery Center Review!!

Baby Einstein Around The World Discovery Center REVIEW!
   Around The World Discovery Center is great in many ways. First the bright colors stimulate baby's senses. The variety of toys presented to the baby to play with is great for entertaining the child. It is adjustable to height so it grows as my child does. There also are two extra places to add toys of your own onto the excersaucer, we normally put on her teether, and she sits there and sucks on it for a few. The first time we put Zeraea in this, she just looked so excited. She loves the bird that spins around and the puppet Lion she can't quite reach yet! The penguin is still something she needs to master, she doesn't get that you have to push down on it and watch all the little balls spin around, she always looks at in in amazement when we do it for her. The piano plays 3 different songs, makes 3 different animal noises, and 3 different nature noises, she likes the songs the most. We also say "DANCE DANCE DANCE", as we dance around, she sure gets a kick out of that!! This Center is EASY to clean and move.

"****"-I give it 4 stars, it is the best excersaucer my Fiance and I could find. We looked at SO many, and most of them just looked so cheap and didn't have very many entertaining toys and we knew that Zeraea would just get bored of it. But luckily we came across this one and it's a winner in my book! It's good for both boy and girl. You could even keep it for the next baby since it isn't gender specific. (seeing if you want another lol.)

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