Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper!

This afternoon she finally ate some of her sweet potatoes. She loves her sweet potatoes! After some grub, Kevin, my once Fiance now boyfriend (I know complicated haha), began chasing me around the house with her in his arms, got her to laugh which made me happy. Baby's giggles are so contagious especially when it is your own :)

Finally got some time to start catching up with my daughters scrapbook today! It was fulfilling for a moment till Zeraea decided to pull down all her pictures and spread the on the floor haha. I guess she wanted to help Mama! :)

She has been a handful today, couldn't set her down without her screaming at me. I set up a tiny craft table near her play area on the floor thinking she'd be happy cause I am in close access to her, but I was wrong. She ended up just crawling over to me and began to pull on my clothes, whining until I picked her up. She did find markers to play with as she sat on my lap but soon she got bored of that and began to whine again.

I finally gave up on scrap-booking and played with her on her play-mat though she really didn't play any *sigh* Then it was nap time which lasted like 15 mintues, her normal. More moodiness haha.

Bedtime was crazy, a lot of screaming until I turned on some music and sang to her. I love just holding her, rocking as I sing in her ear. It's just a nice peaceful moment as she looks into my eyes as she drifts off to sleep...


  1. SO SWEET! I am due with my 4th baby in January and your post made me so extremely excited to see him! I love babies!!!

    I am following you from bloggy moms. I would love for you to come by and follow me too at www.becauseidontscrapbook.blogspot.com (my mainstream mom blog) and/or www.thegossamerjewelbox.blogspot.com (my fictional fairy blog, just for fun.) Thanks!!

  2. I am following now! Thanks for the comment! And congrats on the baby boy!!! SO exciting!! I can't wait to have a little baby boy :)