Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Go Green Baby!

     Going green has become the new "fad", a fad I actually believe in. I think us, as humans, and as a species that live on this earth, need to take a stand and make changes. Even if that's starting to recycle, using cloth diapers, organic food, or organic clothes, I think it is our responsibility as parents to want and get what is best for our child.
     I have been wanting to "Go Green" for awhile now, the first step I want and am willing to take is Recycling. Does it take more time and effort?? Yes. Do I have to remember a new day every week?? Yes. Will I have to take special trips to recycle depending on what I am recycling?? Yes. The thing with recycling is that every one in your household has to be on board and willing to make the change. To me, it is worth the effort to do our part to save our Mother Earth, not for us but for our children and children's children.
     As all of us who have looked into going green, it can be expensive!! My significant other and I have gone organic when it comes to our baby Zeraea. We began to prepare her food instead of buy it. We went to the markets or organic grocery store, picked out the fresh, organic vegetables and fruit and came home and puree them. Carrots, sweet potatoes, and even cantaloupe (cantaloupe was a bad idea, but hey, at least we tried!). It wasn't much more expensive either and it made a lot, the extras we could just freeze.
     We do buy baby food from the grocery store though, don't get me wrong. Sometimes we just don't have the time! There isn't much selection for Organic baby foods at your local grocery store but we found Earth's Best-Organic brand and so far Zeraea likes it. They do have less selection than lets say, Gerber. We can find them at Target and Babies R Us. They aren't more expensive either, Target just had them on sale for $.69 a piece, which is awesome! I say at least TRY the brand, if it isn't for you then it isn't for you. It's really the only thing we have tried, we knew from the beginning that we wanted organic food for our baby.
     Now to clothing, I haven't yet gone green with her clothing but I sure have thought about it! It is such a great idea. I found this perfect site that people should check out, purely organic baby clothes, accessories like bibs/hats/mittens/socks/etc, they have selections of bedding and blankets, everything. I mean EVERYTHING, you can think of they have it organically made!! The link is, http:/kushiesonline.com/?click=12052  All products look so adorable, even the little swimsuits! They have just diaper swimsuits too that just look like they would be so darn comfy and cute! Just give it a look yourself and let me know what you think. GO GREEN BABY!!
     Another way to go green is Carpool. You have probably heard for years to carpool. It saves you money and it saves gas in the long run also. Most people might consider it a pain, cause with carpooling there does have to be some sort of planning put behind it and people who are willing to carpool. I think people who work or go to school and live near each other should definitely carpool. Just think about all the kids that are on the school buses if they didn't have a public carpooling like system, could you imagine how much more gas would be wasted and time too? Each child's parent would have to drive their child to school everyday, money and time would add up quickly. And that brings me to another point, if you are going somewhere that is close to your house then walk. Zeraeas clinic is only about 3-4 blocks from our house, and on her 6 month Well-baby appointment we walked to her clinic and walked back. It was nice to get out too, and I know she enjoyed looking at the trees as we passes each one. With walking more, you get exercise which all of us Americans need! I will definitely be walking to her clinic from now on.
     Check out this site too, it is 52 Cheap ways to go green. See if you can make some changes to your everyday lifestyle and go green! http://www.sheknows.com/living/articles/807479/52-cheap-ways-to-go-green

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