Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eat Meals..ha!

I have found it impossible to eat a meal in public with my little girl haha. We sat down at Olive Garden and ordered out food and drinks, luckily Zeraea was sleeping at this time. I soon realized she was awake when I saw her little feet kicking :) I peeked inside her carseat that was covered with a blanket and there she was wide-eyed and looking around!

After a few minutes, I unbuckled her and gave her some toys to play with so I could eat since our food had just arrived but all she seemed to want to do was reach for everything, cept what she was allowed to have haha. She got my cloth napkin and tried to eat it. She got her big girl cup even though she didn't want to drink it. This whole time the only thing she found to be interesting was this rag we brought for her in case she spit up or something. She played with that for awhile.

The whole time during dinner I kept having to pull her back up into her carseat because she managed to wiggle herself out of it. It was adorable but annoying all at the same time! Dinner was then over and we headed to Party City.

I was so excited to get to Party City and find her her first costume for her first Halloween!! We ended up getting a fuzzy pink bunny which of course I put on right when we got home to see how adorable she looked in it and took some pictures! :) I am so excited to see her wear it on Halloween!!! We had fun in Party City trying on different hats on her, so cute!!

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