Zeraea Kye

Zeraea Kye

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Curious Monster!!

 Zeraea decided to try to get some wires behind our TV and succeeded haha. She ended up getting stuck, but I didn't want to miss this picture!!
 Found Daddy's Fishin' rope :) She was having fun with it for awhile!
 Clean up time! (She is getting SO big!)
 Her Rubber Duckie! She loves to kick around in the water.

 Yes, she decided to roll over on her tummy!
 My Little Chubba Lubbers! :)

Zeraea had an adventurous day today. She was crawling all over our living room finding new things to play around with and try to eat. She loves anything that isn't her own toys haha. She's starting to love bath-time even more now that she is starting to splash in the water with her hands and her feet :) She ended up rolling over to her tummy in the bath, then tried to take a taste of the water and didn't like it too much! Again just goes to show that she doesn't want to stay still for long, she just keeps going and going and going!

Zeraea still isn't sleepig too good, still about every two hours which is rough on Mama! I hope soon she starts to sleep on her own ALL night. But with Daddy starting school, Mommy can get her back on her schedule! :) I love my baby girl!!

And yes, I did need to star out her privates haha I am protective!!!

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